13 October 2020

IOM3 Vice President Announcement

Meet Christine Blackmore BSc MSc CEnv CSci FIMMM – elected as new Vice-President of IOM3.

The Trustees are delighted to announce the election of Christine Blackmore as the Institute’s new Vice-President. Christine will take up this role from 1 November 2020.

Christine has been a member of IOM3 for more than 25 years. Since 2016, Christine has been the Chair of Mining Technology Board (MTD) and prior to this she was the first female President of the Western Institute of Mining and Minerals (WIMM) for 5 years and Honorary Secretary for 6 years. 


Christine is an Associate Director at Wardell Armstrong International (WAI) working as a Geo- Environmentalist and Environmental Auditor with 20 years' experience in the international mining and metallurgical industry. Her expertise is focused in environmental due diligence, management and auditing to international best practices such as the ICMI Cyanide Code. Her work has included the preparation, implementation and auditing of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) ISO 14001. Many of her projects have included management of hazardous goods used in the mining industry and transportation. 

Christine has also worked on sensitive political, social and economic studies where interaction with interested stakeholders has been complex (e.g. State Governor, Government Ministers, Mining Police Executive, Mining Unions). Christine has worked internationally including in sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa, Mexico, Armenia, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Sultanate of Oman, Iran, Pakistan, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, China and others including UK for several years, and in many challenging environments, which has involved her in the extraction and processing of many commodities from precious metals and base metals and coal.

Aims & visions for IOM3

Speaking about taking on the role, Christine said, 'A big advantage IOM3 has over most other institutions is that it can and does represent the entirety of the materials cycle. However, we can all do more to demonstrate practical connectivity and co-operation between our different technical communities. Aristotle said ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ and this applies to IOM3. While all are (and quite rightly should be) individual and proud of our particular disciplines and expertise, all technical communities should understand the needs and aspirations of the others, and where common ground exists promote it across the disciplines for the benefit of all. 

I want to help facilitate that connectivity and the mission IOM3 has to be outward looking and a global player. There is a global need for the professionalism and interdisciplinarity that IOM3 represents and I believe I can help promote representation at appropriate international events, boost membership and raise our profile. I believe greater awareness in schools and the general public of raw materials, their origin and use will also be essential to enable informed decision making on a sustainable future.’ 

Christine adds, 'Finally, IOM3 is all about membership, and maintaining and growing that membership will be part of my vision, attracting a younger membership by enthusiastically promoting a forward relevant IOM3 in all disciplines.'