Types of Membership

Whatever your level of qualification or experience, if you are working in any of the materials cycle related disciplines, we have a grade that is right for you.

IOM3 provides a range of membership options, from professional membership for those who are qualified and have experience in the technologies and sectors covered by IOM3, and affiliate membership for anyone working in these fields who may not have formal qualifications, to students starting out on a qualification in a materials, minerals or mining-related subjects.

Our membership grades



Open to everyone with an interest in the materials cycle. You can join online instantly at this grade!

Professional Member (MIMMM)

Institute recognition for those working at the graduate practitioner level in the Materials Cycle sectors.

Fellow (FIMMM)

Institute recognition for those in the Materials Cycle sectors who have made a significant contribution in their careers.

Associate Member (AIMMM)

Institute recognition for those working as Technologists in the Materials Cycle sectors.

Technician Member (TIMMM)

Institute recognition for those working as Technicians in the Materials Cycle sectors.

Graduate (GradIMMM)

Your first step on the professional path.

Professional Graduate (ProfGradIMMM)

The second step on the professional path.

Student Membership

For students following an approved course of study towards a materials, minerals or mining related qualification.


If you opt for Affiliate or Student membership, you can join instantly online and get access to member benefits straight away.

If you're interested in professional membership grades, join us as an Affiliate and send us your CV and we will check which grade is most suitable for you and guide you through the requirements.


Get registered

Through IOM3, you can also apply for Chartered registration with the Engineering Council, Science Council or Council for the Environment. It's best to sign up as a member of IOM3 first and then we can help you through this process - we also have a mentoring scheme for members who want to take this route.

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