Electric Steelmaking: Environment & Society


This is the second in a series of free webinars that seek to highlight the issues that will be addressed at the European Electric Steelmaking Conference to be held on 13 -14 September 2021 at the Diamond Centre University of Sheffield, UK.

This free online seminar will provide an opportunity to hear from leading voices within the Steel Industry regarding key issues facing the sector. 


14:00   Welcome & Introduction
Richard Thackray, Lecturer, University of Sheffield

Environment & Society: The Sustainability Challenge
Louis Brimcombe, Chairman, British Standards Committee on Sustainable Performance, Consumption and Production (SCP/1)

This presentation will look at the global challenges such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals which includes addressing climate change.


Societal Challenges: how the steel industry is addressing the issues of health, safety and wellbeing
Alan Scholes, Chief Technology Officer, Materials Processing Institute

Safety of our staff and operations and the control of our process emissions are fundamental within our role in today’s society as responsible manufacturers.  This talk will stress their importance to the agenda of any industry conference. Key aspects and thinking on both operational and process safety will be addressed.  Has the current pandemic given us opportunities to re-think working practices, social interactions and well-being beyond simple operational safety?  How have the expectations of modern society changed and how will this affect future thinking within the industry?

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